Types of Links

Links in Small Dreams Have No Magic are in several different categories.

General Books

There are over 200,000 copies of these books in circulation.  These are books distributed by the author via various marketing and have a distributed by section on the cover page.  The “distributed by” can be coded for free with the name of the individual giving away the books.  For a few dollars (usually $5)  they can add their name and sometimes email.

The top link on all pages is controlled by the author and seldom coded out for others and the link appears in all general distribution books.

The bottom link on all pages is coded at $5000 a month.  When it is not paid for by an individual or group, the link codes back to a link controlled by the author.  In general a company will code the bottom link to their company and give away tens of thousands to their affiliates.  The affiliates code the “distributed by” to their information and give the book away.  After the general advertising period the bottom link reverts back to the general population or the author to code but all distributed by information of the affiliates stay in circulation coded back to the individual affiliate.

The general book also has various recommended resources for building business and include two different marketing systems.  The links provide commissions to the author but are often taken over by individuals for a few dollars who are also using those tools.  In these cases if someone purchases the tools from the book the affiliate coded to the tools receive the commission.

Special Books

There are an unknown number of these books in circulation but estimated to be well over 250,000.

These books have the same links on the top and bottom of all pages and a “distributed by” links on the cover.  The links go to various locations depending on the intention of the book.  As example if the author is in a marketing program, the links may go to retail sites, affiliate sites or other information sites.  Depending on if the other affiliates create income for the author, the price for the links vary.  Individuals who create direct profit for product purchase to the author generally have free links.  Others in the organization can get the links but usually at the normal marketing price of the General eBooks.

The resource section can include special tools for the specific product or project or may not contain resources at all.

Often the links in these books, especially affiliate connected, no longer work because companies go out of business or the affiliate stops working the program.  There is a solution for this by purchasing “protected links” on an annual bases that can be remotely updated.  Leave a comment if you are interested.

Email Books

These are eBooks that are sent one chapter every two days to the individuals who request them through a double opt in email.  There is a link to some product or business included with each chapter.  This advertising can be purchased over periods of time.  The links in all past and future email distributed books are updated remotely.  They author and others have had purchases from eBooks distributed 15 years ago that someone reopens to read or passes on to friends.  Leave a comment if you are interested.

Paperback Books

You can obtain the paperback from many bookstores or via Amazon.  If you want special author signed and dedicated books please leave a comment.  The book was taken out of circulation to make a movie but the producer died and it was never put back in print so they are rare.

TheProject eBook

This is the default eBook from this website.  You can download the Free Distributed by version and add your name and email to the cover.  The link on the top goes to the Small Dreams Website.  The links on the bottom of the eBook go to TheProject.  These links are generic and have no sponsor links.

Small Dreams Have No Magic can be branded by the PPEC affiliate, selling the advertising in the eBook, to their Affiliate ID on the bottom of every page for free.  This allows them to sell advertising in the PPEC across ALL eBooks .  The top ad is $300 lifetime and allows affiliates to change the ad anytime and as many times as they want.  It is possible to have an unlimited number of Small Dreams Have No Magic eBooks coded to an unlimited number of businesses at the same time provided they all link to the affiliates personal or business websites.

The referrer receives $200 in bitcoin as a referral commission for all ads sold.