Purpose of the Book

Initially the author was doing motivation speaking for various network marketing companies starting as early as the early 1970’s.

I was amazed that individuals did not understand or grasp simple principles like “Judge a person by what is inside of them and not what they look like on the outside.”

I eventually started to speak in riddles or parables so that people would visualize the principle and retain it for easy recall.  As example the above translated into the book as “Grand embellishments of castle walls to impress the passer by, often led to empty halls and the owner wondering why.”  As the riddle was explained the principle was retained even by six year old children.

People asked me for a couple decades to put the material in a book.  One month when spending all my time next to my dying wife in a hospital, I took on the task and wrote the book.  She lived for many years beyond publication but that hard time led to deep insight.  Some day I hope I will finish the other two books in the series.  This book is “the key to success”.  The other two will be “the key to life” and “the key to eternity”.