Marketing Strategy

As stated in the Purpose of the Blog, the intention is to get this book in the hands of over a million people worldwide.

The book was originally published in paperback and a very well known motivation speaker made over 100 copies of my manuscript before publication without permission.  I let him proceed because he wanted to give it to the Texas school system.  This was the first realization that authors never make any money because people just copy your work, especially in this day of electronic publication.

Shortly after publication a movie company wanted to make a movie and wanted control of the book sales and asked me to take it away from the publisher so they could republish with their company.  Unfortunately the producer died and I never followed up for reprinting.

This was the early 1990’s and I created my first eBook of Small Dreams Have No Magic.  It was a simple email of the chapters to customers.  Of course everyone started emailing copies and I never got paid.  I then went to special software needed to read the eBook and then branded links in the book, but that was not successful because of the difficulty to download and run the reader with the book.  However, I learned that advertising in the book did pay off.

I eventually developed my system into an automatic online viral branding system with the links sold for various marketing programs and products.  Today there are thousands of versions of the eBook with different advertising options.

Now the eBook, Small Dreams Have No Magic, has viral distribution by literally hundreds of thousands of individuals.  With the new marketing approach and viral branding it is expected that distribution will now reach into the millions far exceeding the initial goal.