Small Dreams Have No Magic

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Small Dreams Have No Magic Cover

You can click the links above for the Free Distribution Branding or Free Email Version. These books are free and you can pass them around to others. If you brand the Distributed By book make sure you add your name before branding.

There are many versions of the eBook for various companies. The links can be coded to the specific affiliate in the program linking directly to their product or service website. The cost varies from a few dollars to hundres of dollars depending on the program. You can get an idea how the branding works by download the Distribution Branding.

If you would like a verson of the book coded to your company or master links coded in already distributed General books, contact the author by submitting your information on the Register for Other Versions and then sending an email to the author. Alternately the author email is in all of the sample product versions and you can send an email directly after downloading the eBook.

If you want a signed dedicated origional then contact the author under the Register for Other Versions link.

Small Dreams is the main Phase2 eBook for the PPEC. The Bottom link in the Free version above links to TheProject marketing system.

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