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Small Dreams Have No Magic

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What would you do if you found a little black book that revealed the true secrets of success? How would you react to the innocuous yet mysterious phrases, brimming with hidden meanings, which awaited you the first day? Naturally your aroused curiosity would drive you to read another phrase the next day, and the cycle would go on.

In Small Dreams have no Magic (The Key to Success), author Roger F. Johnsrud gives us Jonathan, a young stable worker, who finds, " The Key to Success", a book which seems to hold the magical power to bring him the success he so very much desires. Jonathan lives in a time long ago when kingdom-based societies flourish and selfless good will abounds in daily life. By chance he meets Heather, a young woman who holds the promises to a new life in the form of a homemade secret formula. Jonathan risks his future by leaving his job to run a business with Heather and his friends.

Along the way, Jonathan acquires the respect of noblemen and the generous assistance of local businessmen, gathering new friends and assistance while looking to build the business and doing his best to understand the magic within the book.

Small Dreams Have No Magic is invigorating and rewarding, while at the same time educational and spiritually uplifting. The author creates his characters and story line in such a way as to teach us very important moral directives about avoiding the negative temptations of life, helping those that try to help themselves, and never letting determination slip away in the fear that our dreams won't come true.


For all ages 8 to 80

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Don and Nancy Failla --- "International Networking Trainers"

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