Small Dreams Have No Magic

The Key to Success

Branding is the process of entering information such as you name, email, website and links to products or services on a special website for a particular program. Once you brand the eBook it impresses your information into the book for distribution. As individuals read the book your gave them it will lead back to your contact information and business.

Small Dreams Have No Magic is one of many eBooks and guides automated for marketing various programs through branding.

The author can create fully branded eBooks on any subject and the cost will depend on how much material is written and the extent of branding.

If you have a project or product you wish to market, contact the author through the blog.

Small Dreams Have No Magic Cover

This is branding used when sending an email every two days.

Each chapter has an advertiser in a common banner.

The advertising can be changed remotely.

You can still receive this branding through various programs.

Small Dreams Have No Magic Cover

The is general branding and allows and individual to add their name to the book prior to giving it away.

For a $5 they can add there website and email to the eBook prior to distribution.

These books often contain several resources and can be coded to anyone who purchases and distributes the eBook. The advertising can be changed remotely via protected links.

The top and bottom links on each page can be coded when purchased for periods of time. Typically $5000 for 30 days and the links will show in all General Branded eBooks no matter when distributed previously or later.

You can still receive this branding through various programs.

Small Dreams Have No Magic Cover

The is the current modern branding and allows for reading online, downloading a PDF and shareing your branded links through social media.

These books are commonly used with different programs with automated branding for affiliates.

Typically the book is coded to link to the affiliates various retail and business websites. They then give the book as a gift in exchange for contact information.

The book layout tab shows the type of branding and how the ebook is laid out.


Notice: All Links in the eBooks are not under complete control by the author. If you find inappropriate material in any book, please link to the blog and post a comment. Violators will be prosecuted and the informer receives all judgement payments less legal fees.