Small Dreams Have No Magic

The Key to Success

Small Dreams Have No Magic Cover
  • Personal Development
  • Motivation Fairytale
  • Easy to Remember Riddles
  • For All Ages 8 to 80
  • Paperback Addition
  • Branded eBook Versions
  • Email Versions
  • Paid Advertisers

Small Dreams Have No Magic the Key to Success is a personal development book written as a motivation fairytale taking place a long time ago in the times of King Arthur or other magical tales.

Each chapter has an easy to remember riddle to help the reader visualize a principle. It is designed for all ages 8 to 80. The author has used the riddles to teach children as small as six years old principles like, “Judge people by who they are and not what they look like”.

The book is available in print from various collectors and book stores; however, the book was taken out of print to make a movie and give controlling rights to the producer. You can obtain signed original dedicated versions from the author by visiting the blog and leaving a comment. Signed books are $10 plus shipping. The cover price is $6.95 but some originals have been sold on amazon and others for over $50.

The initial electronic version of the book were sent a chapter every two days and contained advertising links. As time progressed the books evolved into branded eBooks with special links to various products and services to create some type of income for the author.

Currently there are over 200,000 copies of the general eBook with links that change often to different paid advertisers.

In addition there are hundreds of thousand of the eBook in circulation containing branding to specific individuals, websites, products and programs.

The original goal of distributing one million copies has probably been met. As of late 2015 the branded eBook is being aggressively marketed by several programs with the intention to distribute millions of copies of the book.

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